Indie / Alternative

Indie or 'Independent' music means recording on your own, away from big commercial record labels but aren't we all independent artist nowadays?? Where as those that like things a little alternative have also come to the right place.

  • Let It Be Blue

    !!! - Let It Be Blue

    The band’s ninth record, Let it Be Blue, takes that feeling of constant, radical transformation to new, untapped zones. It’s a record of sparse dance music. The kind of stuff you want to put on loud, let loose, go to the bar to get a drink...
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  • The Dream Standard Black vinyl LP

    alt-J - The Dream

    The Dream is an album of intrigue, beauty and humanity - a coalescence of everything that has made alt-J a global band with true staying power. True-crime inspired stories and tales of Hollywood and the Chateau Marmont rub shoulders with some of the...
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  • Glastonbury 2007 Double LP

    Amy Winehouse - Live at Glastonbury

    In celebration of the 15th anniversary of this iconic performance, Amy Winehouse’s 2007 Pyramid Stage set is to be released on vinyl for the very first time. Whilst this was not the first time that Amy Winehouse performed at Glastonbury, she...
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  • Big Time Big Time - Double Black Vinyl

    Angel Olsen - Big Time

    Fresh grief, like fresh love, has a way of sharpening our vision and bringing on painful clarifications. No matter how temporary we know these states to be, the vulnerability and transformation they demand can overpower the strongest among us. Then there...
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  • WE Standard 180g Black

    Arcade Fire - WE

    Produced by Nigel Godrich, Win & Régine, and recorded in multiple locales including New Orleans, El Paso and Mount Desert Island, WE paradoxically distills “the longest we’ve ever spent writing, uninterrupted, probably ever; (per the...
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