It's got funk, it's got soul, it's got Rhythm, it's got sass and it's got vocals that could charm an alley cat, that's the smooth sounds of R&B.

  • Adele - 19

    Adele - 19

    Bluesy like it's no one's business yet voluptuously funky in a contemporary way, Adele rocks out 19 with a unique voice and gritty sound that dazzle endlessly. Synthesizing blues, jazz, folk, soul, and even electric pop, Adele mystifies through her...
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  • Adele - 21

    Adele - 21

    How do you follow up a debut album like 19, which won Grammy awards? You follow it with another absolute belter of course. Right from the get go, 'Rolling in the Deep' has you hooked and this album never lets go until the final note has played out...
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  • Adele - 25

    Adele - 25

    From the age of 21 to 25 a lot changed in Adele's life, marriage and children came along, and her own fears and anxieties nearly drove her from the music business completely. Thankfully for us, and all of her adoring fans around the world, she overcame...
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  • Bill Withers - Still Bill

    Bill Withers - Still Bill

    Currently sold out, please Contact Us for availability. We are proud to present an absolute gem from Bill Withers, 'Still Bill'. It's rich, subtly layered music, but its best attribute is that it comes on easy, never sounding labored or overworked. In...
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